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December 2017
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One setback after another... so my apologies!

However, I've been working it the entire day, and am to the point of where I can honestly say I'm about ready.  Some minor tweaking and it'll be ready. 

Everything is still looking good with SCE and will be going out this weekend... maybe even today.  I do work, so it'll have to be later on when I'm off.
Actually, in Garrysmod, go to the legacy browser and add a favorite : gm.sakkiswonderland.com

I noticed that a player posted a "Sakki's Wonderland Intro" video about our site.  I've asked to have it taken down as it appears to be the official SW Youtube video... and its not.

But thanks to the player for thinking of us!  :D
Also, Sakiskid has been running a TTT based Garrysmod server for a while so if you are into that, go check him / us out.  Search out "Sakki's Wonderland" while in game.  There's about 20 players consistent in the evenings and on weekends.  He'll be opening up a DarkRP a bit later on, but for now, its all TTT.

Everything is looking good!  Detection of launchers that bypass SCE has now been fixed, and all is working fine.  This includes launchers such as Magic Launcher, but is not limited to just that one.  Any launcher that works with the same tactics as ML, will also be detected.

I'm now cleaning up, gonna implement an autoupdate feature, and all will be ready to go!

Having some problems with detecting launchers like Magic Launcher.  A couple of weeks ago I said that I was going to release, but one of the posters mentioned that they would not use it because the feature wasn't implemented yet.  This is the last thing that needs to be addressed, and its been hell.  Just about there though...

Keep watching.


1.  I have disabled dynamic permissions during Beta.  It's working fine, just need to tweak a few things after Beta launches and will slowly continue to open up new features.  There will only be 1 permission (for the time being), and that is to allow a player to bypass the check.
2.  Java "wrappers" and launchers are still being worked on (preventing them from bypassing the system), however Beta will still launch on the 1st.  Looks very promising, but still to come.

Working out a few bugs still, and have a tentative release date of Feb. 1st.

However, if I can get it finished sooner, then I'll release before then.  I'm getting very, very close.

Still working out a few bugs with SCE, and am really trying to get this done soon.

What is SCE?  See below for the link to more information.  It's main function will be to protect the client from being altered.  There will also be additional functionality that im sure all will enjoy...

Stay tuned!

Most of my time is at work, and in my spare time I work on SCE.  I have about 1900 lines of code (of which 600 or so are due to Metrics), and a lot of its functionality is going to be disabled when a beta launches.  Just laying the groundwork for future code.
More information can be found here:
Server : mc.sakkiswonderland.com
(Spawn, Market / Store, minigames, etc. are still being worked on)
The server is a Factions / MCMMO based 1.7.2 server.
1.7.2 Factions only for now.
Spawn will be small, but will finish up later on the minigame spawn as the official spawn area.  I personally feel like the minigame spawn looks awesome... we'll see though.  :D
For now (or on Friday), play as is and have fun!  Keep in mind that CraftBukkit is still in beta, so dont bug out if you find bugs.  We'll be keeping the map, so play as normal.
Still working on my plugin/mod.  Running into some small problems, but am going to try to get it out today. 
I'm gonna open a factions server soon.  I've already laid the groundwork for the Minigames world, which will be tied into the Factions server.  When you join, you'll be in factions, but when I open the minigames world, from that point on you'll spawn in the minigames world and can easily jump over to factions.
For those hard core Forge lovers (Me), dont fret.  That server is still gonna be around.
So all in all i'll have:
1 Forge server
1 Factions Server (1.7.2)
1 one really cool plugins that'll protect all that stuff (below)
I've been maintaining a plugin for the past several months that allow's for a full, near 100% hackproof system, but have since chosen to write my own.  Below is the plugin in it's full glory:
Sakki's Client Essentials:
Well, been working on a quite a few things and fortunately, all are Minecraft related.  The first go around with the Sakki's Wonderland client was great for me in seeing how I can improve, and what things need to be addressed.  Here are some of the things that I've learned over the past several months:
:Dont over complicate the server.  Even though I love complicated things, I need to keep in mind that some players might be more interested in the simpler Minecraft.
:Players like Factions!  Well, I cant get past this one as I wont say that I hate Factions, but instead I just prefer the more complicated setup that Forge provides.
:Players like huge spawn, and with lots of things to do.  Even if spawn isn't functional, people like to spawn in big places.
:Most players dont like Mods (or at least the ones who have visited the site).  They prefer Vanilla MC with plugins.
:Most players like players.  Most players like players that are online when they are online.

:Most players will not give more than 2 seconds (literally around 20 seconds, i've timed it) before they leave.

:First impressions are a must.

So, when I open the server back up, I will be keeping these things in mind.
Other than that, all else is going great, server is still up and running, Minecraft stuff is being worked on, etc.
Still slowly working on the initial spawn with minigames.  Will try to open it up by this next weekend.
Also, I am turning the server to local mode only for testing so that I am not interrupted while getting things set straight.
This means you will NOT be able to connect until its ready.  Any questions, please let me know.
Justa postin' Sakiskid's Youtube channel.  He's gonna try to put one out every other day.
(non-minecraft for now)
Still working on the new spawn and the MiniGames... but tonight I added some real time Arrival Signs for the trains so that you'll know when the trains will arrive.
Any problems, please let me know and I'll correct asap.

Will notify when back online.

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