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January 2018
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GMOD Server now back online!

Sakki's Wonderland | TTT :27016
Sakki's Wonderland | Sandbox :27015

Our GMOD server has proven to be popular with the players, so thanks for the community and thanks for the interest in keeping it up!  

Unfortunately, someone is abusing the server.

I was notified that our server was being used maliciously again so for the time being, I have shut it down as our service could be terminated.  I will attempt to lock it down as I didn't put much effort into doing this the first time this happened.  As I do not want to put our server in jeopardy, I will try to focus on security for the next couple of days, and will repost when the server comes back online.

Our apologies...

TLTR : it'll be back up soon

Have questions about the outage?  ...just ask below, or in the shoutbox to the right.

Our Garrysmod and TS server was used to hack another site.  It has been taken offline, and when I feel comfortable with its security, I'll turn it back on.

For anyone who needs a TeamSpeak server, ours has been running for over 2 years.  You're free to use it for anything you wish...  unlimited users:


After a long absence, I'm debating on writing SCE for SpongePowered / Forge.  I have a new interest in getting this project back online and updated to the current versions.

Link here

Sponge Link here

Sakki's Client Essentials (SCE)

Protect your server!  A near 100% cheatproof solution to stop hackers from using unapproved mods, yet still allowed to play.  Click on SCE in the menu above...

(news regarding SCE will be posted below)

To clarify on the below, I will not be focused on trying to get the Bukkit team to approve the project, nor will I be trying to dummy down the project.

Instead, I will be focused on supporting Forge via MCPC+, which means that it will have both Forge and Bukkit support.  All my code will be centered around MCPC+ due to being able to incorporate permissions. 

Also, I'll be creating a MinecraftForums.net mod page... just need to read up on what their rules are.

So for now, I am putting the Bukkit version on hold.  Why?  Because its nearly impossible to get the Bukkit Team to approve SCE.  And why is that?  Because this is a security mod/plugin, and to ensure that its has hackproof as possible, I have to obfuscate it... and because its highly obfuscated, Bukkit will not approve it.  Even when attempting to dummy it down, they still would not approve it.

And that leads to my decision with putting the Bukkit version on hold for the time being.  Its truly sad because I know that a lot of servers would benefit from this.

So onwards!  Forge is now the focus.

1.  I've reopened the SCE Full version in the download section so people can play around with it.  I wont be supporting it.  It has a bit more features than the lite, like you can inspect a client to see what hes running, etc.  Its 1.6.4 only.

2.  SCELite will be updated soon and will include custom messages, as well as an language translation feature.  After that, I'll need to put ALL features on hold, so that I can work on the full version of SCE.  I will however update SCELite as bukkit updates.

3.  I'm creating my second plugin (CMDLimiter) for a guy over @ 10hearts.com and will be including that in SCELite / SCE.  (Remember, SCE is not just a protection plugin).  So... some of my time is going to this second plugin, but should have it done soon.

Sakki's Client Essentials
The ultimate system for hack proofing your server!

Going to try to get a new version of SCELite out this weekend.  Some things that might be included are:

* Multilanguage support
Custom Messages
Lite version of the "inspect" command (initially wasn't going to include it in the Lite version)
Other small items.

I'm trying to improve the process of updating the client quickly.  The server plugin can be updated within 5 minutes when a new CraftBukkit build is out.  The client side is the problem...  so im trying to perfect my process for updating it.  Right now, its taking a while, but hopefully by this weekend i'll have the process down to where regardless of what version needs to be updated, it'll hopefully take but a few minutes.  I'm writing code to automated the process, etc. to help in speeding things up.

I'm really enjoying working on both SCE and SCELite.  However, I had to put SCE on hold (the full featured one) so that I could create something that could easily be updated from one version to another... and that would be SCELite.  I have all my processes down, so when a new version comes around, the update should be relatively quick.

Once SCELite has been update to 1.7.5 (I anticipate tomorrow), then I'm putting a hold on all features (as this was the plan) and will pick up SCE again.  I have a lot of features planned, and am really looking forward to implementing them.

I uploaded a modified version of SCELite to Bukkit for approval by the Bukkit Team, but it was denied because they said that it was too obfuscated.  Good news to me, but bad news because I don't want to have to dummy down the plugin any more.

SCELite-v.1.7.5 pending.  Keeping checking the forums.
SCELite-v.1.7.2 uploaded.  Check the forums.
SCELite-v.1.6.4 uploaded.  Check the forums.

Uploaded.  Check the main thread for download.


Uploaded.  Check the main thread for download.

Server Install : Just drop into your /plugins folder.
Client Install : open the .jar, and copy the contents of /ClientInstall to your MC client jar.
Both client and server are in the same .jar.


(SCE), the full version, is no longer downloadable.  I am putting up SCELite today, possibly within the hour.  I am going to revamp SCE once SCELite is out and active.

I am no longer classifying any builds as Beta as I've done a lot of personal testing.

Really debating on transferring everything over to Forge.  As of right now, I have to maintain both Forge and Vanilla, and with each one of those, I have to maintain the Server and Client, and with each of those, different versions.  Lot of stuff to maintain.  So... im debating on moving everything over to Forge.

Benefits : Much easier for the player to install.  No more dragging files over, renaming, etc.  It also means easier to update to the next version.  Server admin will still be using the Bukkit plugin to use.

Right now, its a pain so the next release might be Forge (both 1.6.4, and 1.7.x) .

Nope, not done, but I do have the Server Plugin now updated to v.1.7.2.  Now working on the client side...
(SCE) 1.6.4 Dev Builds uploaded, and ready for download.

Ensure that you follow the install instructions here before you just start dropping files into your main minecraft jar.  It is assumed that you all already know how to install mods like REI's, etc.

Link : (SCE) Thread

I'm now working on compiling it for 1.7.2...

New Forum created specifically for SCE.  You can either click FORUMS and drill down to SCE, or you can simply click SCE from the menu at the top.

Ok, im happy with the build, and am now considering the first Beta complete.  On the Server Admin side, there's not much to the plugin, but on the backend, it does have a little complexity.

So...  I'm creating some links, screenshots, download links, etc. so it'll be up soon.

This is for 1.6.4.  I already have builds for the 1.5.2 and 1.4.7, but wont release those until 1.6.4 matures (but I might if someone convinces me :D).  It's a bit cumbersome having to maintain several versions.  I've started on 1.7.2 but running into some compile errors (will have that corrected asap), so for now, 1.6.4 is the version.

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